Poem – “Feminine Doom” – Romance – 8/12/2020

All tears come shattering
To the pale mirror,
Showing a dire reflection
Of something caught aflame.
Was it between your legs,
Or in your mouth?
Was he ever in your arms,
Or caught in your hair?

Your beauty
Is rain.
A shower
Of small fragments.
You have become divided
Under the notes
Upon a piano, reciting the hymn,
The requiem of torment.

You have shattered the strings,
Hanging by a violin.
Your eyes wander the shores of piano keys,
Mocking the guitar for its tone.

Your enemy is a servant.
He has made you full.
Your body is rapids
Upon a river that never curves.

How long will you stay
This way?
How long will you fulfill the role
Of taking the toll?