Poem – “Worry your Petals” – Romance – 8/12/2020

Worry your bitter tears
Away from this winter,
As Spring shows its green head,
To my eyes, in red petals,
To your eyes, in thorns.

You run your hand along the stem,
Sharpening your sadness
When your palm goes to meet your gaze
Staring with such futile remorse.
You bleed this winter through.

The biting pain,
The graven cold,
The silencing shame,
The somber mold
Of your hollow form, in the field.

Hold your head out,
Let me kiss your lips.
Hold your hands out,
Let me drink the tears you have caught,
Soaking the skin, for the sake of disbelief,
That your grief
Could be your only token
For something so warm as your heart.

Have I ignited enough,
Or will you eclipse more?