Poem – “Approaching Autumn” – Romance – 8/13/2020

Are you here to find
The petals or the lost brush
Of too many burned leaves?
They have rained, you know,
From a higher temple
Than the one we’ve gathered ourselves
With feet placed
To see the rising stars.

Thy gaze,
Thy maze
To be lost in
Beside the arms that reach
Like boughs,
Like the gloom,
Like the shadows
That grow longer by your fallen eyelids.

I am from a place too golden,
Backing from Autumn’s pain
Upon my skin.
Leaves want to see
The lifted green
Of tendrils to grass blades,
Of sentences escaping summer lips,
Of words that do not sound from death.

Upon headstones,
From the lovers near to the shore,
Upon the moss, among the tormented rise
Of life lifted to the sun,
Things shall fall,
Things shall whine
For the messages of an afterlife
Where nothing but the memory matters.