Poem – “Luscious Hair, Scented Neck” – Romance – 8/13/2020

Step away,
Dear Devil
From your sepulcher
Of dancing flames,
Of chilled embers,
I wish to breathe,
I wish to breathe.

I wish to sing songs away from sadness,
I wish to dance, parted from the black
Of decay and sickness.

Your eyes,
Your smile,
Your way to walk
With each swaying curve
Of your falling blouse,
Of your running dress.

Your green eyes,
Wild as the fields they were birthed.
Your porcelain arms,
Long as the moon can reach
Upon an evening in sheer belief
That caress can undress the moment.

Above the water,
I wish to breathe.
Drowned in your arms,
I wish to bathe.

Loving woman,
Enamored woman,
New eyes to reach the sun,
For they will surely be won
By all surrounding heat,
Where upon knees, I am weak.