Poem – “With Thorns in Her Hair” – Romance – 8/13/2020

Recite words,
Create verbs,
Renounce your pleasantries
Of too many yesterdays.
Make your moment special
With the pain I will bring.
Thorns in your hair
Of a savior, unaware.

Make your moment a musical dance,
Free, with ebony sculptures,
Motionless feet,
Rendering deceit
Upon bloody puddles
Where reflections show conceit,
Desires abound.
You’ll see what can come to be.

Love is a twitch
Of your fingers in this Hell.
Love lullabies
Your wilted form
To the ceiling
Where you shall be torn.

Great nuptiality
Grants you formality.
I am explicit to tell you the truth
Of everything mostly brand new.
You have given children their teeth,
That they might bite the breast.

I have laid you there,
Limitless savior.

The expanse is wild, before you.
The dream is forgotten, behind you.