Poem – “Hold your Hand through Goodnights” – Romance – 8/13/2020

How many tears
Can fit the frame?
Using my ink for the note,
Using my pain for the portrait.
Desires maddened and longed for
Under the disused mattress, where I lay,
Beneath the bed, where I stay.

I stay
To hold your hand
In the smallest goodnights
Faint, through a whisper.
I swear, I escaped a tunnel
Of your stare,
Though the memory
Among all its searing flashbacks
Remains aware,
Remains to bear
Weight upon my mind.

I kiss the frame
Of this bed, where your form
Once laid, atop it,
As I lay, beneath it.
I kiss, to kiss, again,
To whisper, once again,
That your skies are my land.

I held your hand,
As I now write my tears in a straight line.

I dropped your hand,
As I have dropped my flesh to sag,

Like the quilts that run off the edge,
Like the sheets that run like water off a ledge.