Poem – “My Love, Reveal Yourself” – Romance – 8/14/2020

From the shadows,
Show yourself.
Spread your gleam,
From legs, that are lean.
Spread your stare,
Catching much, so aware.
Drown the blue
Into the mountain’s white,
As you may bathe the green
Of lazy summers,
Of captured weathers,
Of swaying leaves,
Of turning brush
In the high-enough spillage of gold.

Upon your shoulder
Is nested your hand.
We are as two warm lovers
In the covering of moss
Over stones.
For we are as two statues
Sharing moments, never released,
Always kept.

Your face,
An undressed countenance
Of many smiles,
Curving to the edge of the Earth.
I want to kiss lips
As red as stains of lava
Upon the runaway green.
Your curves, your waves
Run in directions
Of sheerest taste.