Poem – “Startled Bird” – Romance – 8/15/2020

Without the flock,
You are astray.
Without the embrace
From the wind, to thee,
You are free,
Though wild.
Without seeing the sun,
You darken before the moon.

You bleed out old colors,
To cover the new
Pages of forgotten worlds.
Your lips touch the sky,
Coloring yourself heavenly.
You send out droplets
Of your blood-red tears.
You are, in this world,
A painting without a frame,
A movement without a name.

You drench stories
In your intolerable wails.
You send your dancing arms outward,
Placing your feet on the sand,
As the ocean swallows you up.
You entertain guests
Stuck in the parlor.
Beautiful, in every sense
By cheeks splashed with red,
By a heart draped with dread.

Can you guess
Where my tears will land?
Can you name
Where my heart shall stand?
Upon the lakes where new cries
Come up,
There are sceneries displaced,
Average in coming.

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