Poem – “Teardrops through the Broken Shelter” – Romance – 8/19/2020

Chestnut hair,
Winding down
As the covering cloak
Over your pale face,
Tortured cheeks.

The wind comes through,
Mocking enough.
I plow my way to your arms,
Hurling snow, overboard
To see that which floats
Upon the icy meadows,
The icy shores.

Your stagnant expression
Moves only when I sigh,
Only when I cry.

Your subtle motions
To the sounds of sorrow,
Make you come from wave
To wave.
You become the siren of a sad tune,
The woman with no spot
To call a home.

Your seeded self,
Sprouts only memory
From the spot where you landed,
Hurting yourself,
Shouldering yourself
In the tireless toil
While the ocean comes to a boil.

Beneath the shelter of your eyes,
I am faded.


  1. Lucy

    Wow, this is so beautiful and sensual. It’s like the narrator is drowning in who they are romanticizing. I really enjoyed these lines:

    “To see that which floats
    Upon the icy meadows,
    The icy shores.”

    The rhythm is perfect, and this itself is just aesthetic in imagery. How beautiful and visceral! I think this definitely encompasses themes of depression, hence the stagnant and fading away lines. It is symbolic, whether the narrator is really talking about himself through this personification, or rather the depression of his love (as a person). Such beauty in this piece, it is very meaningful and impactful. Wonderful work, as always. 😉

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    1. romanticindeed

      Thanks, Lucy! 🙂

      Your analogies, too, are always amazing when you interpret my work.

      Love is full of uncertainty. It’s like holding onto water, knowing it cannot be, so you drink it. But, what if it’s the ocean’s water? Then, it only makes you thirstier.

      In love, a person drinks something not of purity, though riddled with all the elements of life’s many challenges, petty distractions… and, there’s only the destination. One must move forward to the thing most recognizable, where we see our reflection, not in the ocean where we may drown, though in the land where we are stable. Even if for a moment, we are stable, because something else will always spawn, like another fish, and we are distracted.

      We are then forced to remind ourselves of what really matters.

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