Poem – “Teardrops through the Broken Shelter” – Romance – 8/19/2020

Chestnut hair,
Winding down
As the covering cloak
Over your pale face,
Tortured cheeks.

The wind comes through,
Mocking enough.
I plow my way to your arms,
Hurling snow, overboard
To see that which floats
Upon the icy meadows,
The icy shores.

Your stagnant expression
Moves only when I sigh,
Only when I cry.

Your subtle motions
To the sounds of sorrow,
Make you come from wave
To wave.
You become the siren of a sad tune,
The woman with no spot
To call a home.

Your seeded self,
Sprouts only memory
From the spot where you landed,
Hurting yourself,
Shouldering yourself
In the tireless toil
While the ocean comes to a boil.

Beneath the shelter of your eyes,
I am faded.