Poem – “Upon the Rope, I Found You” – Romance – 8/19/2020

Hanging by a wire,
Not falling from any higher,
Your neck
Is here, to be kissed
By the flame of tragedy.
Your hand holds air,
Your eyes do not stare,
Your breath has fallen silent,
Your wilted feet, remain
To hang, like your head.

Upon the rope,
I found you
As the stilled woman with no sound.
What will remain of me,
Keeping a heart that beats for nothing?

Those who screamed for you to stop,
Were louder than me.
Those who kissed your scars,
Were better than me.
They saw something I could not.

The dreams
Now shattered, as the pelvis
Where passed through a child,
Sacrificing its mother.

The screams
I roar,
Are filled with unkind sounds,
In the expelling grief.

The pain,
The stain
Of my eyes against the curtain
Of your hair, of your blank stare,
Is enough for me to drown.