Poem – “A Man without Remorse” – Religion – 9/4/2020

He sees his God,
Upside-down upon the cross,
Though bandaged
By the pauper’s rags.
That man,
Withdrawn into the dirt
Beneath his perfect feet.
His remorse
Takes a course
Backwards, away from what he fears
May send him into tears.

Beautiful image
Of a Saint,
Whose blood flows as crimson dust
Down to the same earth
A man with perfect feet, sends his following.
Eternal in its slope
To no one’s awareness.
It comes as an avalanche
To no one’s notice.

Love gropes
The steel from the man
Whose hand
Trembles, both from rage and fear.
It is he,
The man without remorse,
Bleeding in his own shell,
Running oceans from his eyes
In his own Hell.
Tears that burn his cheeks.

Perfect white,
Imperfect night,
A gravity that throws down the quilt
From the bed of lust.
A moon that lifts the sea,
A sun that burns the wind,
A love that holds on,
A weight that remains
Upon a heart that sings for the grief
That could not ever sleep.

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