Poem – “A Forgotten Summer” – Romance – 9/8/2020

Start fading
Beneath the centered sunlight
On your captivated expression.
The world has not taught you to stay
With arms to your side.
You bleed
Though you never lose what is spilled,
Except for your tears.

You catch the fallen droplets,
Like lost autumn leaves,
Like one forgotten summer
That enjoyed its daylight,
Before grief had spawned from the womb,
Buried in the most antique of tombs.

You are with the world,
Falling fast
The droplets from your eyes
As you cannot last
With this much blue on your shoulders,
With that much black to your fingers.

Just a forgotten summer
With only its childish treasures,
Awakened in arms, slender as ice
That melts from the roof to a shelter,
Waiting for its inmates
Or its captives.

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