Poem – “Of Tears that do not Move” – Romance – 9/11/2020

To be stagnant
Is my place
Upon, as you are absent.
My work goes undone,
As my days run by
Miserable waters
Between my fingers.

You could look at me,
At the aching man
Who does not truly stand.
You could mock
The he who never dares to shock
The rest of the veins, in his form,
While blood never flows freely.

Just a piece
Of the advice to one man,
With a vice
Gently groped about his throat.
Know that his tears never came angled
Across his cheeks,
Nor to be swiped by trembling hands.

Just a form,
So worn,
So torn
By the winds that neither move
With the tears
To be caught,
And then, let loose.