Poem – “Lived for Everything” – Religion – 9/10/2020

Count scars,
Limitless as stars.
Count truth
Whole enough to be broken,
As bread is consumed,
Not like the lie
So easily swallowed.
A broken truth
Was once, in preparation,
A wholeness.

A broken form,
Until bloody,
Is always the truth, reborn,
Though never
In the eyes of who broke it.

Would Christ
Break the truth,
As he broke bread,
As he gave wine?
Broken bread, as beaten flesh,
Drunken wine, as streaming blood.

He gave truth,
Offered it upon a silver platter.
Yet, it was broken
For the voice of reason.

While in love,
We live for the sacrifice.

When about to die,
We wish to not flee from life, in vain.

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