Poem – “Apply much Beauty” – Romance – 9/15/2020

Simplest grief,
Arranged wreath
Floats by
On gentle breezes.
One warming sigh
Cannot be
From the coldest cry.
Your eyes
With streaming gathered
Blue kisses
Breathe down my throat
The song you want me to sing.

I am to kiss your face,
Exquisite one.
Undress your form to the winds
When they become one.
Ardor and splendor,
Are unified, becoming none.
Just a modest sense,
Equivalent to that none.

I love,
I crave,
I wish,
I save
Your tears for a new dining
Beneath blankets that rip when pulled,
Like your scars that never mended,
Except when deep in my arms.

What legs!
What gentleness,
Of touch, of burn, of churn
To your watchful face.

Lace yourself
In the hair
That graces skin
So fair.

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