Poem – “Holding Hands with Meaning” – Romance – 9/15/2020

Is the glance of distance
To ease the side that concerns you
The most.
Love is that,
The distance.
As I hold your hand,
I flood the space between us
With waters you cannot see,
Using eyes you cannot notice,
Veiled behind a cloak of white.

A filigree of vintage covering,
So like snow
That rains in from an overcast
From above.
For I want to kiss
Every draining drop from your eyes,
Soon as I part the veil
To see the happiness,

Take your steps
The altar
To sympathize with God, above.
Land kisses to the stand,
Where a grace can petal your form.

In this wildest place,
I can fathom
Your face behind every corner,
Every new-fallen shadow
That sends myself shivering
To your arms.