Poem – “Tongue-Tied, Apart” – Romance – 9/16/2020

Kill the moment,
Could you,
Little lie?
No fire could wake you
From your deprivation
To thirst.
You want the drink,
Kissing the edge to a bottle.
You yearn
Without waiting your turn.
No firewater,
Could drown out these tendrils of flame.

You place
Your face, in the earth,
Breaking smog,
For you have lifted it to face the sunlight,
Where warmth has lifted a smoke
To cease the sun.

And I lose my eyes in your deep.

You run
What you stun,
Hollow in the smoke,
Running through
The Nature of you.
What have your arms gathered?

Just the leaks
From holes in your eyes,
Like your heart,
A sinking ship.

I bleed the same as you,
Can you tell?
Eye-drops are the same disguise
On your boat,
Leaving bleak trails
For me to follow around the world.