Poem – “Of Love on my Lips” – Romance – 9/16/2020

Blow me a candle
That I might spark a new daylight
Deep from my heart
To the surfaced horizon.
Just a false heap of a line
That requires a heat.
Kiss your mark
Upon my unfolded lips.
I want to detect you
On this night, where the moon
Is most resplendent.

Please say you will leave a rose
On the bed,
Where you shed more tears
Than petals.

Sadness comes through,
So often.
I am lost in you,
Oh, wanderer of my bliss,
As I come through
To see the ends of a vivid planet
That does not move,
As we never truly soothe
Marks from our faces,
Blood from our traces.

I want to kiss you,
In return.
Your face,
So stern, to the midnight hour.
Flow with me
Down rapid rivers
Of eyes made for joy.

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