Poem – “What have we Wilted for?” – Romance – 9/16/2020

All dreams
Become beautiful lights
Without the sun that awakens us,
Deep in our nights,
Covered in our blindness.

We stage
Different acts,
To attract
Different flies,
For we are the death, wilted over.

Just memories
That bleed, for eternity.
Staging nothingness,
Beaming beneath a golden light,
Hovering above cresting waves.

We are moving
Without feet.
We are trembling
In the final burial
Of our hearts, in the sand.

We have thirsted, for so long,
Deep in our sleep.
We have tasted death, for a moment,
To speak of life, for another wakeful hour.

Can we entertain guests,
In this parlor of blood?
Wine to our lips,
Scents of iron to our throat.

We can sing in our sleep,
With blindness matching our love.

Just two eons closer
Than ever to the time of our departure

To limitless breaths
That space never endures.