Poem – “Tears that never Recede” – Romance – 9/16/2020

How many tears have you cried,
My dear?
Falling apart with your heart in your hands,
Fragile, with broken arms,
Somber eyes.
Can you ease the dark around us?
Or, shall I
Merely breathe to stake us down with a kiss?

Leave all loneliness
Left to the rest
Of this forgotten world.
Can we not be one light
That no longer weeps
Wax over our fingers,
Catching teeming remains
That were stuck in a weakened heart?

What weakened us, more?
The final drop of love,
Or the tear that never came loose
Upon the desertion of it,
The light,
The ecstasy?

I want to run waters
That are never cold,
Over your hands.

You are the desert without a wind,
Wandering without movement,
As all your tears are here to quench you.

Let me leave a trail of petals
For your heart to move you.

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