Poem – “Sad Notes for Sadder Voices” – Romance – 9/20/2020

Weaken your eyes,
Face your tears,
Consume your own fears,
Oh, yearning woman.
The House of God
Has condemned you
Upon the marriage to divorce,
Upon the union with derangement,
With wilted roses gathered in arms
Up towards the altar.
You clean yourself
With showers of pity.

You are the petal
Clung to the needless stem,
For you desire a thorn.

You have tears growing from your eyes,
Drinking down the complexion
Of what you see in what is shattered.

Little lady
With stunning eyes,
Hair that moves by the grasping wind,
Arms that reach from the moon
To pull to your arms, the ocean,
You are the gravity
Without any majesty.
No one is allured,
As you stay to shove,
To leak finality.

What words can you torture endings with,
When the beginning came too soon?

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