Poem – “Eclipse Me in your Body” – Romance – 9/20/2020

Why light,
So bright?
What have I burned
Of the stilled tomorrow?
Her hair radiates,
Her skin
Escalates, the tempest,
And the fuses at the ends
Of her
Worn fingers.

Smiles, one of heaviness
To my
Aching body.
Her own
Eclipses what I see of light,
So bright,
With giants to every step,
Every encroaching hour
To my feeble sight.

Lead on,
My woman
Whose arms crawl,
Whose legs drag,
Though still remains beautiful
To even the weariest of days.
Will she,
Or won’t she?
Will she,
Or wouldn’t she?

Move from her reign,
Should she?
Move as the stain,
Could she?

Drawn fingers,
Architected as something hideous,
Born of a disastrous mind,
Sculpted from their own kind.

What a woman whose eyes see keenest flaws,
Enough to swallow her shape.