Poem – “Grieve Me, in every Word” – Romance – 9/20/2020

The funeral strikes the hour,
As I waltz past
The raining petals
That do not,
Do not
Burn, nor tear
Apart, at their solaced shower.

Her hair falls back, lifeless,
Never again
To be brushed by the hand,
My hand,
Facing the floor,
Soaring towards the naked shore
Where eyes can glimpse my stroking tears.

I had loved,
Meagerly loved,
Simply loved
The rose gathered amongst
All these forgotten petals.
Her face,
A stark whiteness
At the loss of radiance.

Why would God shut His heart?
How will I continue to love
The smallest pieces that have yet
To be gathered
By a sinner’s hands,
By my own
When I cannot face my eyes?

The pieces
Of one shattered heart
Locks the grief,
Makes me weep.

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