Poem – “The Devil & I” – Romance – 9/20/2020

I cannot tell
Which part of the night with stars
Leads me to Heaven,
Or withers me to Hell.
I dream of drinks,
Of chalices full of tears,
Full of another’s blood.
There, to the winds that carry
The scent of a funeral’s pyre,
I effort myself to loathe,
Never to love.

Dreams can tell apart,
Day from night.
And I,
With hollowness to every scar,
Stare into the wildness of my reflection
In broadest daylight.

Stirring myself
Past fog,
Past train
That takes those from their roads
To a distant nowhere.
Their faces are the drunken solace.

A rope
Tugs at my throat.
A fear
Blankets me, near.

I am the man whose weight carries him,
While depression looms
By the foulest gloom.

Sunken by quivering might,
As I prostrate myself before shadows,
Sunken light.

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