Poem – “Bleeding and Wandering” – Romance – 9/21/2020

To those who would fail you,
Realize the word
In that I love you.
For why your rain stops,
I have caught tears
In hands that have shared yours,
Beside the lakes where dreams
Can be extinguished,
Where lies
Can be made our agonies.
I have held you
In worlds apart.

Sickness and rain,
While life grows from a fragile teardrop,
There is the here,
As here is the way
We shall depart from decay.

Your form can ease,
For I do hold.

I do not scold,
Not revealing the monster to you,
Though to those who disregard us.

I want life
Rising from your eyes.
I want death
To vanish from our world.
I want dust to turn to gold
As we can reveal ourselves to the sunlight
Catching birds,
Exchanging words,
Seeing what should not have been
Come next in line.

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