Poem – “Reveal to Me” – Romance – 9/23/2020

Reveal to me
What can fall through
Silver clouds, and silver moon.
Reveal to me
All I can catch for the timeless chords
Chiming until the meadow’s end.
For when you reveal to me
Your eyes black as the night,
I know you cannot reveal to me
The little things we both cried for.

Reveal to me
Your bosom for the consumption
Of Heavenly droplets of ivory.
You can reveal sparkles in the crowd,
Revealing to me
No drawn shades about yourself.
Can you attempt to dream
Of something with light, though without
Your reveal to me
Of favored darkness?

If you can reveal to me
The eyes that would hold the sun,
I can reveal to you
A passage that I have scrawled on porcelain paper,
Textured like silk,
Yet, bandaged like the night.
Of unceasing stars
That reveal to the world
The bluest tears,
For a passage can be my expression to the twilight.

If you can reveal to me, say to me
That you can shine there for me,
Without the shades,
Without the darkness
Mimicking itself in your eyes,
I can reveal to you
My hurt.
For when you reveal to me
The love that needs no mention,
I can say that horrors never latched.