Poem – “Despite Me” – Romance – 9/23/2020

Despite me,
You can rise
On wings folded by fire,
Through eyes,
That despite me
Can rinse the terrors free
To a glance of so much becoming
Lifting free
The stains that have lasted.

Despite me,
You can swing
From edge to edge.
You can empty me,
So that you can join the solace,
Of a time away
Where my yearning takes place.
I simply long
For my failures to never be,
For my fingers to never seep.

Despite who I am,
You can be who you are
In the cold night,
During the brightest days.
Despite the darkness of me,
You can cry with tears that share
The same light
As the flame of the sun.

Despite what I’ve become,
You can place your feet
In the glimmering puddles,
Drinking flavors,
Of your eyes, raining joy
Where once was sadness.
I wish I could join you
In your furthest place

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