Poem – “Just a Kiss for Soothing” – Romance – 9/23/2020

How long until Heaven holds us
Within wings that can shelter
Our oldest night?
We have beauty racing everywhere,
Where majesty falls,
As love can be for the shine upon the temple
That says,
“Tomorrow is forever.”
How can love die?
How can it?

You were told
That death could cease
All things to be.
You were told
That our eyes cannot see
The dreams that can one day be
Like the kiss that soothes.

I will crawl to you, on naked limbs
To be sure you believe, otherwise.
Love is the nest
As I am its maker,
The caress,
The sweetest flavor
From a kiss that soothes.

Here is a lake
For you to swim,
For your eyes to drown
To take the spiders away
From your hair.

Here are my arms
For you to sink yourself,
For your face to settle
To take the sadness away
From your heart.

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