Poem – “Dying Petals on your Neck” – Romance – 9/29/2020

Raindrops, keep falling
From some ocean in your eyes.
You keep crying
For whom,
I know not.
The world spins wildly
Upon your pained shoulders,
As you sit to grieve,
While I stare in disbelief
That you cannot rise
To meet something other than
The look in your eyes,
Other than, where you may die.

Pointed at your reflection,
What can be
Of that rejection,
Of relief?
Just love, I offer,
Though, you’ll keep weeping.
Chestnut hair
Accompanies strain, in every feeble lock
That descends in growth
Past your bleak eyes.
Of falling rain
That centers in your sight upon the clock
Where time can only arrange itself
In your disheveled garbs.

How can this life of you
Sit, so idly,
Counting stars,
Reminiscing over scars,
With wine held in a shivering hand?

Blood rounds itself
In the sweetness of a sugar rush,
The bitterness of a memory train
Where the iron upon the tracks
Screeches and never halts.

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