Poem – “Blood on the Horizon” – Romance – 10/5/2020

Sweet, with eyes
And lacing lips.
Peel me,
Peel you
Of trust,
Let me swing you
To where the sun meets the west,
To where dark collides
As the light’s shower subsides.

Your eyes,
Of tension,
To ease,
To please
The moon’s rise,
To let it rain its tears
Upon our fractured form.
Virgin you,
Bleeding me.

Like waters
Where we can dance our arms.
Like winter
Where we can freeze our tears.
Like Autumn,
Where we can count what falls
Like the stars that number to infinity.

We can escape the music
Of screams,
Where the world tortures itself
On iron slopes,
On beaming train tracks
Where love does not lose hope,

For I have no direction,
Save for the beating heart in a forest
Where faces are sculpted into bark,
Where tears can be carried

Like water to a rose.

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