Poem – “Fill the Idle Space” – Romance – 10/7/2020

Winter soothes
Remembrances that scar,
From summer’s war
With unbecoming warmth.
Only your tears can quit the rain,
As only your face can set the sun
On my veiled ruin
Of stagnant alienation.

I wish
For bottomless kisses,
With seeds that rip upwards
Towards a unity bequeathed
Only to the universe
And its soaring.

We can race,
We can trace
Our sights to the scent’s of each other,
In the bloodless duel
Of bitterness upon the foul wind,
Where love can gather our limbs,
Where fate can entwine us
In silence.

Fill this idle and empty space,
Let your tears fall
To the wind-torn call
Of my lips that were cut by razors,
Of my hands that were shielding my face.
We can dress
To the sight of newborns
Where elevation can marry alleviation.

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