Poem – “Letting the Storm Die” – Life – 10/5/2020

Facing stars,
Running with wars
That never seem to die.
Among all our childish wishes,
Faces always cry.
We never smile
When we hoard the books,
When we can allure shadows
That never bond
Without breaking
In the light we despise.

Letting the storm die,
Letting the dark collide
With something other than light.
It is the mind that withers
In winter
When no spawn of rose,
Nor face of infant
Can bury happiness in the sky.
Other than light,
What can darkness taste
Other than the image upon our plate?

We can face the next day
Like yesterday was tomorrow.
We can drop our tears
Hoping someone will catch them.
We can drink our meals
And eat our beverage.
We can consume with haste,
As we wallow in the drunkenness.

Place a mirror
Before your eyes,
See the sands caught by the wind,
See the world caught by itself
While the dust settles,
As the storm dies.

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