Philosophy – “The Greatest Limitation of Science” – 10/30/2020

“Science has no purpose, other than the benefit for the flawed form. Yet, to make the form perfect, is to also make the mind imperfect. We are insane, when we realize not our own limitations.”

– Modern Romanticism

Mind and body, where the former is perfect, as the latter is not. No science comprehends the mind, in totality. As it is, all science questions existence, especially of God, because it is limited to what it can see. For what it can see, it is what science can work with, can alter into a different shape.

We are, with an obsession upon diversity, absent of our understanding of limitation. To all human imagination, it is casted solely upon the form. The human form, so limited, so flawed, only because it is visible. Perfection is invisible to human eyes. Therefore, no science will ever comprehend the mind, in totality.

The human mind, perfect, while the human form is imperfect. It is then that science thinks to make the form perfect, though is always at the cost of sanity.

What is sane, in this world, is the mind. Though, our sanity is lost, upon witnessing the alteration of what is visible. We are never altered upon viewing an alteration of perfection. Among all things perfect, it is never changed, first. Human forms change, first, resulting in the alteration of perfection in the mind. This is to say that sanity equates to perfection. It is to say that the “Creator”, of God, must be a being to relate to a “beginning”.

We are sane, we are perfect. Yet, upon the continual need to alter the form, force diversity, is to shove the needed realization of our limitations. For in one way or another, we will realize them.

Human minds possess imagination, though only for what is imperfect. We imagine the imperfect, the flawed, to become the perfect, the flawless. Again, upon the perfection of imperfection, we become insane.

This is all why love is said to be a madness. That, to become perfected, accepted, mended of wounds to the touch of that love, we become maddened.

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