To note
Simplistic punishment,
Rising from sadness, buried
Of your eyes to see a glimpse
To be all you need,
Of a smile
That can warm you
For the needed while.

I start to make the bed for you,
Begin to dress the table for you
That you might begin to sing
All the tunes of that once understood
And missing delight.

I wed you, without a priest,
I vow to you, in my strength, alone,
Forming words no one cared to make
The most eternal of formations
From lips that are like the artist’s palette
Sketched by knives,
Stained over curtains.

You feel the urge
To swim,
Dear one.

You feel the need
To win,
Watchful one.

I can hold your head
As I rock your eyes
Past the bleeding night,
To a greeting dawn
When an ocean is naked upon your back
As I lay near to you, drowning in you.

One thought on “Poem – “Forecasting your Hurts” – Romance – 11/4/2020

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