Symmetry dances
On the broken frame of your outline,
While sides always attract
To form different centers,
Where I may place my feet,
Catered to you,
Gathered beneath the branches,
Held by you
In unfurled twine
To make the circle so divine.

Perfection is the cessation
Of negligence, to your surroundings.
I can draw a map to save the world,
Though the ocean
Would merely allow lines to travel,
Like marked passages
Of voyages, where eyes can spend
Moments upon yourself.

You are the gaining ground
Of infinity, to seek the sunset,
That I might lay a mellow kiss
Upon your naked lips,
Reveling in the romance,
Exiting through the entrance
To raise a sunrise upon your curves
Marked in the sand.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “Your Form upon the Shore” – Romance – 11/4/2020

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