Poem – “Wading in your Eyes” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Never contemplates
For I only wish to deny
All the tears I have cried.
For I find no sounds
In the breaths,
That carry from my lips,
While silence of a certain sort
Has rested atop her porcelain mouth
Painted low upon a face,
As I am left to her feeble grace.

Both the hands,
I had held
Of her own,
Now have dropped to the mud,
As I, beneath the rain
Call up to my pain,
With storms, combined
With reflection.
For I see her face, in the Heavens,
The same stillness
Of the same captivation.

My weak body
Knows no pride,
Of the guilt that I command,
To the shame that I hide.
For the regret I hold close to my neck,
Wrapped as this case of twine,
To a birth that begins
This sickness of mine.

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