Poem – “The Woman in You” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Come up
Without a sound,
Nested upon your pursed lips,
For you ache,
I as I know it to be
The heart of your own
That never opened something
So together sown.

Lift yourself
To heights, unimagined
By the faults of your rewards,
To the reward of my faults.
For the man of me,
Welcomes the woman in you.
Will you leave the girl behind
Of your rotting past?

Writing your script
Is to give trust
To Shakespeare’s betrayals,
Of limbs upon scattered tresses
Brought down from your head,
By the passing tide
Of certain loathing miles,
Living where you never smile.

Enter yourself
Through the open door,
With the lies that smear your shoulders,
Lifting half the world
Upon your kissed cheek,
Among your wilted lips.

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