Poem – “Melting Oceans” – Romance – 11/16/2020

What love
Harbors so little
Of the sun,
Yet leaves the ocean to rot
Under the moon?
I seem to weep,
Though nothing exits
These eyes of mine,
Whereas the ocean can stumble
Like a withering man
To his crooked chair.

What life
Breathes so frail,
When I
Can surrender to the littlest lies
Carved into my neck?
There is a form
So much devoured by the ice,
Be it her,
Or be it the moon’s own daughter
Who comes to find rest
In the melting haze?

The ocean buries tunes
Into its rotting mind,
Leaving its heart
Scattered as fragments
Among her kind.
Like reflections broken
Of sadness so beautiful,
There is starved of the world
Much transparency.

Much to know
Of grief’s own lowered eyes,
Of living waters
Among loving stillness,
Of the movement,
To the wasteful idleness.

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