Poem – “Blinking Back the Tides” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Screams, unending
Beneath the fallen curtain
Before my haloed eyes,
While you travel in your nakedness
Without the miles carved in your heart,
Like twin-folded scars
Upon where I place two peaceful fingers,
Starting the somber voyage,
Bleeding in the dust.

You, where you took the world
By the hands of fate,
As we crossed the salience of love,
The tides where we place our feet.
Of currents blinked back,


You caught the sand in your eyes,
Dropping tear after miserable fear,
Losing your veil in the wind.

Singing the tunes that never escaped
From your heart,
Where slopes were carved in the red.

I trusted the paths
Where we did not tread,
Without blinking ourselves back
Through the mist
Within our mind.

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