Poem – “Burying you in Mind” – Romance – 11/17/2020

With these colors on board
A flaming ship,
With tactile remembrances
To discolor my nakedness.
There are thoughts woven around
The beaten hull,
Scattered like tokens
For the painful train
Down the lane where love
Goes broken.

Such fragility
To set apart the stones
From the empty leaves,
Wilted into disarray.
Torn and shattered
Like the steps to make
Upon the immaculate sand,
With words running like foam
From my mouth.

Burying her
In the combined sadness
Of an anchor that left too soon,
With the clouds that departed too swiftly.
For my storm was a purposeful one,
As my vessel was a colonized one
While the rope is about my feet,
Joining for another one,
Another time for tasting debris,
Another place for the oceanic leave,

As all lives were always won.

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