Poem – “Drying your Eyes” – Romance – 11/17/2020

Like the ocean,
I dry your eyes.
Not so much like the river,
And not so much like a lake.
For before there is a stream,
And before there is a puddle,
I dive.

I dive to find your mind,
To ease your heart,
Reaching for somewhere
You cannot find.

I open you
To the residue,
Of the fanned flames
Spreading shame.

There should be life
To each of your eyes,
Not the porcelain sadness
Of a displaced heart,
What I feel, what you cannot see,
Is all I seal, among all you bleed.

4 thoughts on “Poem – “Drying your Eyes” – Romance – 11/17/2020

  1. How beautiful. This is a powerful piece about reaching out or into someone who is currently drowning to have them see the truth of both their heart and mind. Depression is an awful, awful thing. You write this eloquently and evocatively, such a beautiful poem.

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    1. Depression is debilitating. There’s always a certain person I have and always will be thinking of, when I write this kind of poetry. She’s gone through my mind for the 1,300+ Romance poems I have accumulated on this blog. 🙂

      Whether it’s depression, or of something more fanciful and colorful, it’s always of her and between us.

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