Poem – “Among all She means” – Romance – 11/20/2020

Among where buried leaves
Leave patterned trails,
Among where colors are kept
In scattered storms,
There is a kiss to which I know you,
As there is a life for which I found you
To be locked in my swollen heart
Finding solace,
Discovering hope.

Among where stillness is rottenness
Leaving broken fragments,
Among where colors are the endearment
Of a thousand raging hours,
There is a bliss to which I feel you,
As there is no strife for which I need you
When freed from the chains of time
Finding awareness,
Discovering presence.

I can love
Until all the lakes upon Earth
Are swallowed up
By the soil,
Until the heaps of gardens
Grow the greatest of stagnation,
When hearts no longer beat
With the flutter of four winds,
When minds no longer scuttle
With steps that take one backwards.

We are the summer
Without the storm,
As we are the winter
Without being torn.
No great rage,
With no silenced grave
Shall put us down.

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