Poem – “Holding your Hand, in the Naked Night” – Romance – 11/23/2020

Put your lips atop mine,
As vapors twist in your mouth.
Heal your heart, with my touch,
Folding your stare against the wind.
Close your eyes for just a moment,
Allow wind to enter wind,
As love takes shelter in love,
As pain finds humility in rain.

I hold your hand
In the naked night,
Loving you where tears
Have spilled down our cheeks.
We face scenery
We have not neglected,
Though have come to rekindle
For knowledge’s sake.

An altar seals us
As two halves, once parted,
Becoming the slender shape of a candle,
A heated romance in the dark of night.

A blooded pair,
For then we swear
To never let go,
Never release,

This flicker,
This shape.