Poem – “Living and Breathing you” – Romance – 11/23/2020

Place your scars upon the rocks,
Stream your wet eyes against the shore.
Hold your nose close
To breathe the stars
Through your yearning heart.
I want to love what cannot be loved
By the world,
For they have felt you wrong,
As I have made you right.

Take your eyes
To the sun,
Drown them in collapsing oceans,
Wash them in drenched earth,
Comprehend what beauty you hold,
Teeming in the night.

Love can barely collect you,
Yet I wield it, madly.
I open caskets where you have locked
Vainly forgotten secrets,
Truths that are not known
In this wretched world.

Let love touch you,
Soothe you.
Let fallen blossoms
Come upon your neck,
Seeking you,
Making you
A dress in the void
Where all absence becomes presence,
Where each moment, becomes forever.

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