Poem – “Oh, Beauty of you” – Romance – 11/24/2020

Lifting your tresses
Against your feeble forehead,
For you have slept in darkness
Away from the kiss.
My love, why haven’t you awakened
With eyes to see mine?
Your face, a sure sign
That something is blind.
A brand for you,
This kiss will be
Upon the blue
Weathering of your eyes.

I press my hands
Against curved shoulders,
Call you against me
To swim among the currents
That race from my eyes.
You are lovely
When you are fragile,
Just a bird without wings
Yet can still fly,

Even needing to cry.

Loving you
Is to love what might die,
What might fall
Like the mirror against the stained floors,
With fragments to cut hands
And feet.
Tasting you
Is to taste the blood upon
All limitless signs of where you belong
In the utmost safety.

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