Poem – “To Bliss, or to Kiss” – Romance – 11/24/2020

There is a song,
Ghastly and mighty
That draws a scepter to its chant,
A love to which might not rise
With her eyes against the grain
Of a salient sky.
Her hands hold her heart,
While her legs are crossed
Teeming with fruit,
Yet bloodless.

I deny my grief,
As I have begun to sleep
A few moments more
Than ever before.
Worlds have begun to shift
In this eclipse,
Loosening space
Between my tongue
That words might slip
In the harrowing song.

Her beauty
Is a bested one,
A life long gone,
As grief sheds along
Its skin upon the waves,
Upon the creases,
Where I loosen tears to the emptied
Spaces where I knew her, imperfect.
My love is protected
By God, and his navy.

No song of a sailor,
No winds of an ocean
Quitted of a ship by its anchor,
Could deny me this notion.

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