Poem – “Kisses to make you Breathe” – Romanticism – 11/30/2020

As virgin snow,
As buds

To bloom frozen waters
From discolored veins.
You have of your eyes
Unseen history,
To place in trusted hands.

Living under silent boughs,
Losing waters
From storms, in your
Closed stare.

I offer the kiss
To make you breathe
With the come of Spring.

Too many offerings
Have been made
To your church,
As you never flourished your secrets
For sorrows to enter tomorrow.

A grand steeple
Raised to make your neck,
A precipice, that is your head
With lips for a burial.

I offer no sadness,
Continued or rebirthed
In your arms
Like to carry buckets
Full of your tears.

I offer love
Fresh upon a stem,
Stretched for a kiss
To make you matter,
To give you breath.

You are not for desertion’s flight,
With wings that spread decay.
You are here to stay
To find that the future might

Give you a way.

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