Poem – “Monsters are Sensitive” – Romanticism – 11/30/2020

Looser than decay,
My limbs do stray
To the curtain of you,
Draped with delicacy.
There can be no more moons
Left for my howls.

Can they hear my cries?
The winds carry them,
Just as they lash my back.

I never knew but a broken-off
Could follow my trail.

I am here to condone you,
The subtlest shift in the wind
To carve the sands,
Aimed for my direction,
While the beast I never knew
Joins me in dedication.

Love sighs
As the gusts through stems
Of roses before a grave.
I will depart
With a leaf in your hands,
Taken from Autumnal tree,
Blessed with ivory’s curse,
The moon to be
The torment of me,
From the curtain of you.

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