Poem – “For You” – Romanticism – 12/2/2020

For you,
I would gladly burst myself
To share an ocean
Of depleted roses

To match
The emptiness in you.
To you,
I would stretch
Scarred arms,
Bleeding palms,

To sing songs of sickness
Out of you.

For you,
I would smile twice
In the same moment.
Next to you,
I would love with two hearts
To fulfill your own,
Defeated upon the earth.

Out of you
I would scrape the despair,
For places we do dare
To deny for ourselves,
We go there.

We go where Spring leeches colors
Out of Autumn’s remnants.

Becoming seated
Upon a park bench,
Beneath descending petals,
Beneath the frozen moon,

Among the hazy sun.

We can sway
In place, nervous to touch
The other,
Without falling for the burn,
The churn
Of stomachs that flutter
More than hearts.

Loving beauty
With much to match
For fulfillment’s sake,
Let us drink of our kisses,
Sleep in the wilderness
Where nothing more precious
May be of us,
Than us,
For you.

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