Poem – “Remind Me of the Pain” – Romanticism – 12/2/2020

Remind me of rushing waves
Sentenced like the criminal
To his Hell, down your cheeks.
Might I swim
At my own whim?

Remind me of barrels of poison,
Toxins for the drunkard.

Hold your hand to the storm,
Catching silver rain,
Mourning with stains.

Sing praise,
For why not
See the sun, when it glimpses you
In the rising ashes of dead stars?

You are broken,
Along with our world.
Just amusement from ignorance,
With disappointment from knowledge.

Lay your head back,
Let me kiss
The rain from your eyes,
While sweet scents of Spring
Shed solace upon your heart.

You collapse with arms wide open
To embrace the Heavens,
Away from me.

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